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National reaction: Francisco Guerreiro quits from PAN and becomes an independent MEP

During this first year, after the political conquest that allowed the election of the MEP, several attempts of dialogue were made by PAN structures with him.

It is with deep disappointment that we see the departure of Francisco Guerreiro from our party PAN – Pessoas-Animais-Natureza (People, Animals and Nature) and the beginning of his independence process as an MEP.

This position is not appropriate and it is in contradiction with PAN principles of action and values, as a party founded on the basis of cooperation and bridge-building and which favors the promotion of constant internal dialogue.

During this first year, after the political conquest that allowed the election of the MEP, several attempts of dialogue were made by PAN structures with him.

As our fellow citizens, members and supporters of PAN know, our party has been committed to a path of full political action, overcoming divergences, political and media adversities, associated with the growth of a structure that has been changing the way of thinking and doing politics in Portugal.

The Eurodeputy’s departure has defrauded the commitments made to each of the members and voters who, in 2019, mobilized with immense force around the proposed objectives and the party’s project. This is not because of the party’s own will but because of the conduct adopted by the MEP.

This is an episode which, unfortunately for democracy, has precedents with the departure of other MEPs from other parties in previous years.

Given that the election of a PAN MEP is the result of a proposal and the collective work of the party, it would be expected that this position would be handed over to the party, in a line of coherence and respect for the electorate, which has been revised in our vision.

We would also like to take this opportunity to clarify that the reasons given by the MEP for his departure, which is based on the wrong premise, must not be confused with the political independence that any elected representative has, when what is at stake is the adoption of a position of lack of coordination of European decisions and political strategies with the internal bodies of the party, in an attitude of total individualisation of the mandate.

Even less understandable is the argument that there has been a “departure from some of the party’s founding principles”, when the path that has been taken by the party is to give more and more force to the causes that form our ideology, which has enabled us to achieve important achievements, which aim, among others, more and better social responses for the most vulnerable people, more protection for animals and the pursuit of effective environmental policies, without forgetting our important contribution to a more complete and just socio-economic response to the crisis COVID-19.

Nor is it true that there has been any obstacle to the discussion on the proposals regarding Unconditional Basic Income and emergency basic income, so the Party will continue its discussions and work on these matters, remembering that the electoral program already included a measure regarding the pilot project.

At the same time, contrary to what is claimed, PAN has not been bent on making its criticisms of the Chinese Government, but considers that there are indeed better times to do so, not confusing the people of China with the political decisions of their government.

At the same time, it was stated that there would be an incentive from us to militarization, which is not true, and the defence of the rights of the military in the armed forces must not be confused with the existing need for the number of personnel whose internal and external mission of peacekeeping, support to the population, fire fighting and humanitarian missions cannot be neglected.

It is certain that PAN will not abandon its commitment to the European project and the vision it has for the country.

And this is our only priority: even in adversity, to fulfil its purpose as a party – to put on the political agenda issues that tended to be remote from the political and social debate and to implement measures that make our worldview of a more just, harmonious and ecologically balanced society a reality.

However, we will not fail to see this political moment in the life of the party as an opportunity for growth, internal renewal and the presentation of new players who can devise a realistic, consistent and long-term local, national and European strategy for the citizens.

We count on everyone’s support. Thank you.

Permanent Political Committee of PAN Party.